ACT Large Training Provider of the Year 2022


ACT Large Training Provider of the Year

CIT Matters. Why does it matter? Because CIT just won ACT Large Training Provider of the Year 2022

CIT employs a highly skilled and specialised team of teachers providing critical professional training for a range of professions. The AEU ACT also works tirelessly to ensure that CIT teachers have the pay and work conditions they need to provide great outcomes for their students. The teachers at CIT are experts in their field of expertise and have become expert teachers too. Now they’re passing on their knowledge to provide a future for their profession and people are trained properly to embark upon a career. CIT is a vital part of maintaining an educated and innovative workforce in the automotive, construction, culinary, cyber security, education, electrotechnology, electrical trades, event management, hairdressing, health and fitness, horticulture, hospitality, ICT, metal fabrication, and plumbing professions. Regardless of your area of employment, CIT has traineeships and apprenticeships, taught by expert teachers, to educate the future of the workforce.

AEU Members Richard Lindsay and Jane Clark have also won awards through the ACT Training Awards 2022. Richard is the ACT VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year and Jane is the John Scott Memorial Award winner.