John Scott Memorial Award Winner 2022

John Scott Memorial Award Winner - Jane Clark and Minister for Skills MLA Chris Steel

How long have you been working at CIT and what did you do before working at CIT? I have been a hairdresser for over 20 years owning qualifications in CERT III AND CERT IV in the trade. Further on I owned my own business for 5 years where I have also employed apprentices. I have worked in salons as the training coordinator/ head trainer. Upon deciding that I wanted to further give back to the industry I pursued a formal education and have now been working at CIT for the past 12 years. I started as a casual teacher whilst still working in industry and after some time off having children, I returned to CIT in the role of an apprentice mentor. This role was created to support apprentice retention by providing additional support. During this time, I was also employed as a casual teacher within the hair and beauty team. I then switched to solely teaching and during this past year I have also been working as the program coordinator for Hairdressing.

Tell us about the award you’ve won. The John Scott memorial award is presented in memory of John Scott’s contribution to the VET system. It recognises outstanding contribution by an individual in VET and the ACT business sector.

What does your job entail? Whilst my position is a facilitator in my field, it also entails liaising with our stakeholders to meet Industry demands by contributing to a qualified workforce. I work with a team that are extremely enthusiastic, adaptable, and responsive and who work tirelessly to prepare our students for Industry. Together we create individualised pathways for our learners and deliver flexible training options to ensure that we meet the ever-changing needs of our industry.

What’s the best thing about working at CIT? The best thing about working at CIT is satisfaction in the role we play in the ACT community by contributing to the development of a future workforce. I am surrounded by extremely passionate, hard-working teachers who are dedicated to addressing the skills shortage crisis our country faces. As an organisation, we collaborate regularly to create real-life assessment opportunities for our learners.

The AEU has a campaign to increase CIT funding, ‘CIT: It matters.’ Why does CIT matter? CIT matters more now than ever. CIT provides consistent training by highly skilled teachers who are experts in their field. We are an essential cog in addressing the skills shortage crisis our country faces, by developing skilled, passionate, and inspired tradespeople to the ACT. We are able to ensure that we are meeting Industry demands by delivering learning outcomes in a real-life work environment. Our salons here at CIT replicate a working salon environment that gives all students the exposure in preparation for knowledge and skills in their career. We provide this through face-to-face learning which provides the most valuable outcomes for our emerging hairdressers.

Why are you an AEU member? Why is being a Union member important? I am an AEU member because I am passionate about what I do and value the importance of public education. I believe that substantial VET funding is crucial to providing accessible and quality training in order to provide industry with skilled workers. I believe the AEU aligns with my views and ensures that VET teachers are valued by the community and their employers. Being a member of the union is important for all teachers as you will be part of a union that actively campaigns for teachers’ rights and entitlements and ensures all Australians have access to high-quality public education.